Making society more inclusive

through offering young children a better understanding and educating them about acceptance of people with disabilities.



Telling the story of a young boy, called Shai.

Shai goes around visiting cities that he has never been to before. Upon arrive in these cities, he discovers that all the people share the same disability. In the first city, all of the residents are deaf. In the second city, they are all blind. In the third city, everyone is using wheelchairs. The “Adventures” books highlight all the new experiences Shai has in each of these cities and follow his journey as he meets new people and appreciates new sights and sounds.



Children get to meet SPECIAL people!

‘Specials’ was created in order to introduce children aged 5-8 in a creative and engaging environment to inspirational people with disabilities. The kids are able to learn more about themselves and set goals for personal growth while also gaining a better understanding about disabilities that exist in our society. Some of the activities included are: story hour, putting on a play, inclusive games, and meeting a guide dog.



Technology brings them closer, faster.

Kids have the ability to learn quickly and formulate novel ideas. They are also becoming more technologically advanced at much younger ages. We have embraced the fact that kids are interested in and experienced with technology to create our first app called the “Just Sign App.” This app is an interactive game that teaches kids sign language and to have fun while doing it!