Our mission is to provide young children with the opportunities to acquire positive attitudes toward and a better understanding of persons with disabilities (PWD). The SHAI Project will promote awareness and carry out activities aimed at increasing children’s sensitivities and perception towards a multitude of different PWD.

We believe that childhood education is the key to creating significant change in the realm of accessibility and integration of PWD in society. Academic research shows that the more children are exposed and familiarized with people unlike themselves, the more accepting they will towards all children. The goal of our educational project is to make strides toward creating a more inclusive and accommodating society.

We seek to foster a generation that makes a conscious effort to advance the quality of life for PWD, as opposed to a society revolving around people who are non-disabled. The SHAI project reaches beyond written legislation, seeking to impact the outlook, attitudes, and behavior of society towards PWD. We are striving to create a reality in which the acceptance and integration of PWD is instinctive rather than prescribed.