I had almost too many topics in mind to include in my first blog post on our new, upgraded site.

However, before choosing from the range of news items, ideas and themes that I had in mind to focus upon, I soon realized that the most important part of my SHAI journey in the last year and a half was the people I met along the way.

Never before have I been so inspired and lifted from the people I have worked and met with, as I have during this journey. From the born-deaf, to the became blind at 66, to people without (notable) disabilities who work to improve the lives of those who do; for their inclusion through legislation and education. From the leading voices of equality, mainly in Israel and the US but not only, to foundation executives, and many others.

Thank you to these amazing individuals. Big changes begin with the small deeds of great people, and I’m honored and blessed to join you in making these changes come about.

Together we will make our society more inclusive to people with disabilities.

Keep tuned, we’ll have exciting news coming up!

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