When planning our first workshop for young children it was clear to me from the beginning that we must have a play in at least one of the four workshop sessions. We gathered a board-member- who's-also- an-actress, Hagar, who brought her friend Hadas to compose and direct. We then found the lovely and inspiring Tchelet, who acted as "Lilly", in the play.

After we introduced the children to Lilly and saw how they interacted with her, how meaningful it was for the kids and their parents, I realized that the power of theater is even bigger than I thought.

The next step was clearly to ask our dear Composer and Director to start work on a full-length play. After many auditions and discussions, we now have our complete cast, and have started working on a play combining spoken and Sign Language. So cool, so special. This is us at the rehearsals, tired yet satisfied..

Stay tuned 😉


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